ActOnClimate with #TreeDrive®

We plant Trees… lots of Trees to Cool our Planet

#TreeDrive® supports our mission to plant 10 million Trees

We Green our Communities, in addition to supporting the replanting of the Amazon Rainforest

In conjunction with our Affiliate App, we pay our CheerLeaders & EcoModels for hosting ‘Go Green’ Parties & TreeDrive’s

  • We Pay You: To Host ‘Go Green’ Parties
  • Hold a #TreeDrive®
  • Swipe our MasterCard


We feel our planting trees - can be the change - to col our world


EcoAngels reward you for each ‘Go Green’ Party you host – it’s a win/win as you Green our world!

CheerLeaders get a min of $50 to Host*

EcoModels get a min of $100 to Host*

At your Party you can also Showcase your Green product(s) or Service!

Note: Networkers may only Showcase the Green portion of your Companies product line


Host a #TreeDrive®

HOW: Raise funds with: TreeDrive® Fundraisers

‘Go Green’ Parties

WHERE: Beautify your Community with Trees

PLEDGE: Plant 1 Tree for every $20 raised


Host Your
‘Go Green’ Party

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Party Mission

what does it mean to 'Go Green'?

    • GGet Paid to Host!
    • OOnline or offline Party
    • GGenerate Less Water
    • RRecycle, Reuse, Reduce
    • EEducate on Eco-Options
    • EEvaluate my Eco-impact
    • NNetwork Green Products

Adapted from Go Green Initiative. Thx

Host a ‘Go Green’ Party. Anywhere you choose. Add a little wine… for joy!

Start Your #TreeDrive®

We're planting 10 million Trees: one Community at a time


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Our ‘Crowd Funded’ MasterCard pays you – plus funds the planting of #Trees

Shows us your TreeDrive®

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Upload Pics

TreeDrive® Fundraise Brochures

As an EcoAngels member - you ARE NOT asked to
‘sell’ anything.

However, if you choose to support TreeDrive® you can showcase your own Green products.

Our Brochures have been customized with Green products – from the Companies below:

Use for ‘Go Green’ Parties: Show your Group how Green products can benefit them… and support planting Trees!

Use for Fundraisers: The ultimate Fundraiser for your Community – take to Schools & Businesses to showcase your Green… and plant Trees!

If your Company is not listed here:

Request Custom Brochure
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