#Connect #Share #Reward

In Addition to Cash Payouts:

CheerLeaders: $1 for everyone in your Family
EcoModels: $5 for everyone in your Family
EcoModels Elite: $25 for everyone in your Family

#Connect: Reach-out to raise awareness
#Share: Invite to join our Green family
#Reward: Be rewarded for your passion!

Invite Your Friends to:

Join the fastest growing… Shift to Green
Get Your Voice Heard. Stand For Green

Be rewarded… to make our #FutureGreen

Your #GreenLegacy:

Residual Income: Our App is based on monthly payments

No Selling: Simply refer to our website & reTweet us!

Refer Your Network: Send your Affiliate link to like-minded Angels
who feel it’s time to get our Green voice heard.

You Get Paid: on every member in your EcoAngels Family, as shown below:


Could You refer 100 friends? They refer
30 each
You get @ $1 per
That’s: $3,000
per month

EcoModel Advocate

Could You refer 100 friends? They refer
20 each
You get @ $5 per
Imagine: $10,000
per month
1st generation =100 EcoAngels that you personally referred 2nd generation = everyone referred by your 1st generation You get paid on your 2nd generation ‘family circle’

CheerLeaders example: 2nd generation refers 30 each for a $3000 payout

EcoModels example: 2nd generation refers 20 each for a $10,000 payout

Grow Your EcoAngels Family:

Unlimited personal referrals-
say you refer:

Those 10 can refer unlimitef contacts
who join your Family Circle:

You get paid on all those
in your EcoAngles Family

You get Paid $1, $5 or $25 on each EcoAngels Affiliate

Your #GreenLegacy:

So, every month members of your EcoAngels Family
pay their membership fee:

CheerLeaders: $5.97
EcoModels: $20.97

Our Affiliate Program pay’s an ‘affiliate commission’ for all future monthly payments – you get:

CheerLeaders: $1
EcoModels: $5
EcoModels Elite: $25 (invitation only)

This way, you can grow stable income

You can build your #GreenLegacy

EcoAngels ReTweet Pledge:

As a 501C3 Non-Profit Foundation, we’ve chosen to reward you via our
Affiliate Program App, for raising Green awareness on Social Media.

Help Us ‘Get The Word Out’:

We ask you Advocate via your networks. We’ll send you specific EcoAngels Updates to alert your network.

How Many Tweets:

5 EcoAngels Update pm

10 EcoAngels Updatse pm

10 EcoAngels Updates pm

Invitation Levels:

10 EcoAngels Updates pm

10 EcoAngels Updates pm

10 EcoAngels Updates pm

Milestone Rewards:

Get On Board: Raise Your Voice

EcoAngels Tee’s

Get your EcoAngels Tee! Spaghetti Strap or regular

First 10 Personal referrals

Exotic Getaway’s

Get a Cert for 6 days at 4 Star Eco-Resort in Cancun Mexico

Just for 20 personal referrals!

Drive Green Bonus

CheerLeders: $200 Monthly EcoModels: $400 Monthly

See Our #DriveGreen Page

#FundMyCause Card

CashBack MastedCard!

We saved the best for last:
You'r invited to join our

#FundMyCause Campaign
with our pre-paid debit MasterCard

No credit check!
Nominate your Cause to fund!
It's a win / win