Meet US

"We're women from all walks of life, genuinely concerned for our changing Earth”

“Feeling we can be more responsible caretakers of our Earth"

"We empower and support each other's success!"


We're Passionate

"We feel our future is linked to our choices"

"We feel we can change our world...for the better"

"We bring our unique voice to make our fragile planet Green!"


Our Misssion

"Have Fun. Be Rewarded...being the change we so desperately need for our children's future"


"Making a sustainable future - for YOU
while building your Green legacy"

what we do

Raise Awareness: 'Go Green Parties’

Plant Trees: Community #TreeDrive®

Connect & Share: EcoAngels Social App

We Commit to raising awareness & planting Trees- although, if you have your own Green Products you may Showcase & incorporate them in our Fundraisers.


We love trees

They're Our Air Condtioners

Absorbing: #ClimateChange




At YOUniversity we provide full training & support.
YOU can be a Social Influencer, featuring:

  • GreenBragger®
  • Brand You!
  • Monetize Your Green

We Certify you to reach-out on Social Media and 'brag' about products & services for:

  • Green Community Businesses
  • Businesses Wanting to Go Green

Build Your Green Legacy!


Green Citizens

We partner with companies leading the way
to a sustainable path - who share our vision

Start an EcoAngels WING

Bring EcoAngels Green Movement to your:
School / Campus / Community
Partner with us to Green your Community

Fund Your Cause

Your School or Charity can participate
in our Affiliate Program & host
#TreeDrives® for their membership


MasterMind Advisory Board

To take us to the next level, we’ve created our MasterMind Advisory Board We’re inviting a select group of 4 core professionals for our ‘Think Tank’ These passionate women lend their talents toward our #Future Green mission

EcoAngels Benefit from MasterMind insightful trainings,
featured in:

  1. Newsletters: #FutureGreen is Now
  2. eBook Series: We Are #Advocate
  3. Webinars: Paths to #Social Success

Each month we select a MasterMind member to share
their ‘secret steps’... to make our #FutureGreen!



Vikki Lewis
Rita Cronelius
Dianne Tulkku
Shemie Breitnbach
Melcah Besabella


Join Our #Advocate Panel

Our Advisory Panel is our intrinsic 'crowd' - to get our message out - in this socially connected age

Could you be EcoAngels 'voice' - an #Advocate for us?

We’d love you to share your thoughts & feelings… to make our #FutureGreen

We’re inviting Advocates to collaborate with us.

Have your voice heard. Shine in a darkened world

We feature you in our:

  • Press Releases
  • Blogs & Newsletters

There's never been a better time to 'speak-up' for our Earth

Apply for #Advocate Panel

Your area of skill: